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Programmatic Recruiting
and Employer Branding

Our recruiting technology is data-driven and enables us to address any target group on the Internet. We can distinguish whether a candidate is currently actively looking for a job or open to a job change. With a Programmatic Job Ad (PJA), you can also reach passive candidates if desired.

Our audience targeting covers all industries and can be broken down to individual job fields: Whether you are looking for sales professionals, engineers, medical personnel, IT experts, marketing managers, tradesmen, lawyers or office professionals – our recruiting campaigns efficiently reach candidates for every job profile. With Attention Media, every impression of your Programmatic Job Ad works efficiently.

Local targeting

Hiring IT developers with management experience in Boston? Civil engineers in Munich? SEO experts in Madrid? Customer support experts in Manila? Our targeting experts enhance your recruiting and narrow down the geo-targeting to find qualified applicants in the ZIP codes where you need them.

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How we work

Our recruiting technology combines Programmatic Advertising and Performance Marketing. We offer managed service, which means that our targeting experts exclusively manage your campaign. This includes the following components:

  • Kickoff meeting (in-person; video call), defining your recruiting and/or employer branding campaign goals.
  • Creation of the campaign strategy
  • Setup of the campaign
  • Design of creatives (display banners, native ads, text ads, video, audio)
  • Ongoing optimization of the campaign
  • Access to live reporting

With Attention Media, you’ll stay one step ahead of the competition. Our Programmatic Job Ads bring recruiting to the next level.

Why Managed Service?

Our experts manage your campaign and your budget for optimum efficiency. In recruiting, this means you’ll get more clicks on jobs that need applications, and avoid wasteful clicks on jobs that already have enough traction.

In employer branding, this means your message reaches only the target groups that are important for your company.

We evaluate the performance of the campaigns on a daily basis and optimize them several times a week.

At Attention Media, we ensure that your targeting data, and your budgets, are allocated efficiently.

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Programmatic Recruiting and Employer Building

Focus on data and the creative

In addition to the immense data pool we use for targeting, we focus on the creative – the advertisement that promotes your job vacancy or informs about you as an employer.

Dynamic advertising creatives can increase the efficiency of a campaign by up to 70%. Ideally, there should be not one, but several promotional ads that positively influence candidates in making the decision to apply to you as an employer.

This process is similar to a ‘customer journey’, where a candidate obtains more information and weighs the pros and cons of applying to your company.

Attention Media creates dynamic advertising that automatically enhances targeting and provides your target group with relevant information about your company.

Return on Investment – ROI

Our performance-based HR marketing enables predictable ROI models. Cost per click (CPC) billing and flexible monthly budgets allow recruiting campaigns to be deployed quickly and efficiently to fill open positions.

Billing models

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What sets us apart from other
recruiting services?

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Randolf Hillebrand President Attention Media

Our experience in controlling programmatic B2C and B2B campaigns has taught us that continuous optimization guarantees the success of every campaign. The longer a data-driven campaign is optimized, the more likely the results will exceed customer expectations.

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