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In the digital age, the power of data can provide the groundwork for highly impactful marketing.

At Attention Media, data is the foundation for breakthrough levels of accuracy, engagement and efficiency in advertising.

With powerful, data-driven tools, deep-dive analysis and personalized management, Attention Media delivers campaigns that drive your business directly to your target audience, with measurable results.

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Marketing channels complement each other along the customer journey. That’s why our team works hand in hand to coordinate all your channels into one tailor-made campaign. At Attention Media, data is the foundation for the strategy, analysis and ongoing optimization we implement for your marketing success.

Programmatic Advertising

We use data-driven marketing to improve the relevance, efficiency and impact of your campaigns on all marketing channels. Our experts continuously analyze and optimize client campaigns to deliver groundbreaking KPIs.

AI-generated Personas

With our AI technology, you'll understand your customers (even) better and gain an advantage over your competition - take your marketing to a new level.

Search Engine Advertising

Get the full potential out of search engines like Google and Bing. Attention Media’s certified SEA experts develop individual campaign strategies to generate qualified, results-oriented search engine traffic over the long-term.

Google Shopping

Shopping ads achieve excellent click and conversion rates - and are an inexpensive way to attract new customers. We put your ads in front of people who are actively shopping for the products you offer.

Social Media

Social media is a major part of every marketing campaign. From Facebook to LinkedIn and more, our experts optimize social media campaigns to generate sales and leads for your business, and increase awareness for your brand.


Fully automated and 100% data-driven personas

Fully automated and 100% data-driven personas

With the power of artificial intelligence, creating personas is now easy, fast, and affordable. Based on first-class neural networks, artificial intelligence generalizes archetypes of your different customers with all the important information about what makes them tick.

Real estate agents: Gain a competitive edge through data-driven marketing

Real estate agents: Gain a competitive edge through data-driven marketing

Our Whitepaper will show you how to … Gain visibility and traction in any neighbourhood, directly target potential sellers and buyers online, be present on big digital media and news outlets, communicate your USPs via dynamic ads. Download our whitepaper and get valuable insights on how to use data-driven tools to bring you marketing to […]

White Paper: Programmatic Recruiting for Business Schools

White Paper: Programmatic Recruiting for Business Schools

More than 150 renowned business schools around the world compete for candidates for their master’s, MBA and executive programs. Usually, the majority of students are recruited through MBA fairs. At these fairs, business school recruiters meet potential students in person and provide information about the programs their university offers. However, with the restrictions imposed by […]

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