Persona creation with AI

Don't miss out on the opportunities that data-driven personas can offer to your marketing.

Skilled marketers successfully utilize data to enhance the performance of branding, lead generation, and e-commerce campaigns. Customer data is a valuable asset, and companies use it to refine audience targeting through algorithms.
Now, artificial intelligence takes the potential of data to a new level by creating fully automated personas for advertisers and agencies.
Based on neural networks, artificial intelligence generalizes archetypes of different customers for brands and products, providing deep insights into their personalities, emotions, attitudes, motivations, aspirations, values, and expressed interests.

Stay one step ahead of your competition with artificial intelligence.

Our exclusive partner, “Mnemonic AI,” analyzes publicly available and internal data to extract crucial insights for generating personas tailored to your product, service, or organization.
Persona creation with AI
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We are the official sales partner for Mnemonic AI. Mnemonic AI has been developing artificial intelligence for the advertising industry since 2017.

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No more expensive and time-consuming interviews.

The traditional process of creating personas is time-consuming. It involves analyzing internal data, conducting interviews with prospects and customers, and enduring exhausting brainstorming sessions across various departments. Depending on the company’s size, the effort expended on persona generation can exceed 100 person-hours.

Artificial intelligence creates personas in 24 hours – and at an affordable price.

Depending on the volume of data to process, the average processing time for a complete set of personas is 24 hours.

That’s why the costs for AI-generated personas are only a fraction of the costs involved in manually creating personas.

With our AI technology, you’ll understand your customers even better, gaining an advantage over your competition – take your marketing to a new level.

Data-driven AI Personas ready in 24 hours

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