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Programmatic Advertising - Data Report

Programmatic advertising is ideal for attracting new customers and can be used successfully for both B2C and B2B campaigns.

Data-driven targeting allows you to reach every imaginable target group – with display, video, native and audio ads delivered on computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs.

Our data-driven marketing experts will design your next customer acquisition campaign and make the best use of your marketing budget. We work efficiently and transparently – with measurable results.

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Programmatic advertising is a new form of online marketing that focuses on finding individuals who are interested in your product. Optimal targeting improves the relevance, efficiency, and impact of your campaigns.

Because of these advantages, Programmatic has established itself as a new way of media buying: In the USA, 80% of media budgets are already booked programmatically. The same growth is predicted globally in the near future. Get ahead of the curve with Attention Media today.

Programmatic marketing - advantages at a glance

Targeting specific groups

Reach people, not websites

Targeting based on demographic, geographic or behavioral characteristics

Interest, category, behavior, keywords, gender, age, income, demographics, day of week, weather, time of day, etc.

Daily monitoring,

Ongoing evaluation and optimization by our team

Measurability and achievement of all goals

Impressions, environments, URLs, clicks, leads, sales


regarding brand safety, performance and costs

Attention is a one-stop agency

Conception and consulting / strategy

Setup & implementation

Campaign management and optimization

Workshops and presentations

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