Why unique, data-driven creatives are so important

Contextual and dynamic creatives

According to a study by Google, 70% of the success of a programmatic campaign is directly attributable to the creative. That’s why creating contextual and dynamic ads is just as important as developing an optimal media buying strategy.

For far too long focus and budget have been strictly on media buying, ignoring what is actually the most important component of the programmatic strategy: the visual medium communicating with the customer.

Due to the vast amount of accessible data as well as multiple targeting options, Programmatic Creative requires data-centric thinking. The future belongs to dynamic advertising media that accompany the user on the customer journey and provide him with relevant information.

Our full-service programmatic solution for you

Attention Media offers a full-service programmatic solution for creating unique, data-driven creatives that communicate with target audiences. In addition, we use the latest software, design standards and follow IAB guidelines to ensure optimal rendering and viewability.

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