Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising

Why SEA?

With search engine marketing (SEA), you place your ads directly in front of people who are researching products or services that you offer. Use SEA on Google, Bing and Yahoo to stay one step ahead of your competition and attract new customers.

The benefits of SEA

efficient audience targeting

perception of the text ad as a search result

high visibility (branding effect)

pay by click (CPC)

cost control

exact measurability & fast optimization

mobile-optimized advertising

We create a suitable SEA strategy based on your goals and implement it successfully. We have experience not only with Google Ads, Bing and Yahoo, but also with the use of Search Ads 360 and the web analysis tool Google Analytics.

Our SEA Service

Conception and consulting in SEA marketing

Setup & implementation of SEA accounts

Analysis of existing SEA accounts (audit)

Campaign management and optimization

We create in close consultation and complete transparency

the following advertising campaigns:

Search engine campaigns for Google Ads, Bing, Yahoo

Display advertising campaigns via Google Display Network (GDN)

Google Shopping ads (product ads)

App Install campaigns

YouTube campaigns

Remarketing campaigns for visitors of your website

Anyone who searches Google Shopping wants to buy something. This is why shopping ads achieve good click rates and conversion rates - and are an inexpensive and efficient way to attract new customers.

Stephan – SEA Experte
Stephan Bock SEA EXPERT

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