Google Shopping

Warum Google Shopping?

Why Google Shopping?

With Google Shopping, retailers can advertise products and drive high-quality traffic to their store, increase sales, and promote their brand. The billing basis for Google Shopping is Cost per Click (CpC).

Benefits of Google Shopping ads

Thanks to Google Shopping ads, users immediately receive information about products that are relevant to their search. They know what to expect when they click on your ad and are therefore particularly valuable as visitors to your online store.

Shopping ads can be managed efficiently through the AdWords user interface.

Unlike text ads, Google Shopping campaigns do not require time-consuming keyword management.

Advertisers can freely define how much to bid on individual products, brands, or product categories. Traffic can be segmented with exclusionary keywords and campaign priorities.

In addition, you can choose strategies that meet your business goals, ranging from holistic brand awareness or cost efficiency to maximizing conversion.

With Google Shopping, you mainly reach users who are already interested in buying and are looking for a specific product. That’s why Shopping campaigns achieve extremely good conversion rates – in retail up to 30% better than comparable text ads.

Google Shopping requirements

An up-to-date data feed must be loaded into the Merchant Center on a regular basis. The data feed must comply with Google’s Product Data Specifications, which specify the type and format of data required to create successful product ads.

Google Shopping ads are easily distinguished from traditional text ads by unique product images. Together with product information like name, price, store and current promotions, these ads give users a unique impression of the advertised product even before they click on the ad.

Aside from price, try to use appealing product images and product names. It may be worthwhile to use your own images for the advertised products to make sure they look genuine and stand out.

A great eye-catcher that you may already know from text ads are star ratings. Two types of rating stars can appear in product ads: product ratings and seller ratings. To get the best results, you can prove that you are selling a product that other customers have already rated well. This shows that you are also a merchant that other users trust.


Anyone who searches Google Shopping wants to buy something. This is why shopping ads achieve good click rates and conversion rates - and are an inexpensive and efficient way to attract new customers.

Stephan – SEA Experte
Stephan Bock SEA EXPERT

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