Fully automated and 100% data-driven personas

What brings consumers to your brand and products?

Personas are a powerful tool for developing a deep understanding of customers and what motivates them. Unlike audiences, which are averaged across a large pool of consumers, personas give your customers a voice, a face, and a backstory. Personas act as representations of a segment of your users with similar behaviors, beliefs, goals, and motivations.

The traditional process of creating personas is time-consuming. It involves analysis of internal data, prospect and customer surveys, interspersed with grueling brainstorming sessions across different departments. Depending on the size of the company, the effort adds up to over 100 man-hours spent on persona generation.

Fully automated and 100% data-driven personas

With the power of artificial intelligence, creating personas is now easy, fast, and affordable. Based on first-class neural networks, artificial intelligence generalizes archetypes of your different customers with all the important information about what makes them tick.

Our partner “Mnemonic AI” analyzes publicly available and internal data and extracts the crucial insights to generate personas for your product, service or organization.

No more expensive and time-consuming interviews. No more digging through data. No more bias in polls and guesswork.

Which data can be used?

Mnemonic AI is source agnostic, so different data sources can be used. Personas are generated based on either publicly available data, internal data, or a combination of both. The first data check is free.

Dynamische Personas mithilfe Künstlicher Intelligenz

Internal data

  • Survey
  • Interviews
  • CRM
  • email
  • Web analytics
  • Call logs

External data

  • Social media
  • Reviews
  • 3rd party

Don’t focus on polarities, instead learn what aspects of your product or service bring joy and trust. Learn which features of your products make your personas angry or suspicious – or why they love certain products ❤.

How long does it take?

Depending on the amount of data to be processed, the average turnaround time is 24 hours for a full set of personas.

How much does a persona cost?

The service is calculated in two phases, data pre-processing and persona creation. The price for pre-processing depends on the data volume to be processed. In general, the cost of AI-generated personas is a fraction of the cost of creating personas manually.

How many Personas do I get?

It depends on the available data, the product itself and how different you have chosen the personas.

In what format will I receive the personas?

You decide how you want to receive the personas. Options include print-ready PDF files to share with your colleagues, or JSON for further use in your internal systems.

Can I see an example persona?

Sure, here’s an example of an automated and 100% data-driven persona (even the photo is AI-generated): Download

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