White Paper: Programmatic Recruiting for Business Schools

More than 150 renowned business schools around the world compete for candidates for their master’s, MBA and executive programs. Usually, the majority of students are recruited through MBA fairs. At these fairs, business school recruiters meet potential students in person and provide information about the programs their university offers.

However, with the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, these events fell through and business schools were forced to find new ways of personally addressing potential candidates.

An alternative is offered by programmatic advertising which is now being used successfully in recruiting. ‘People Data’ enables the personal addressing of target groups on the Internet via display, native, audio and video ads.

Download white paper ‘Programmatic Recruiting for Business Schools’ (PDF)

The candidate journey plays an important role in recruiting. Deciding which school the candidate will ultimately apply to is a long process in which the prospective student weighs the pros and cons of a school.

The candidate journey is an opportunity for business schools to provide candidates with useful information and thus support the decision in a positive way. This includes, for example, the application of upcoming online events, application deadlines or available scholarships.

Programmatic advertising not only impresses with granular target group targeting. Another advantage are dynamic advertising ads that adapt individually to each target group.

Dynamic advertising ensures that potential master’s students are only addressed with information about master’s degrees. The same applies to MBA and Executive MBA candidates. This increases the attention of each target group because the content of the advertising message is more relevant. And media budgets are used more efficiently.

Our whitepaper also shows how business schools can use the enormous potential of ‘Affinity Algorithms’ and ‘InMarket Audiences’ for student recruitment.

Download white paper ‘Programmatic Recruiting for Business Schools’ (PDF)